BasicAer Device

Module name: pennylane_qiskit.basic_aer

This module contains the BasicAerDevice class, a PennyLane device that allows evaluation and differentiation of Qiskit Terra’s BasicAer simulator using PennyLane.


BasicAerDevice(wires[, shots, backend])

A PennyLane device for the native Python Qiskit simulator.

Code details

class pennylane_qiskit.basic_aer.BasicAerDevice(wires, shots=1024, backend='qasm_simulator', **kwargs)[source]

A PennyLane device for the native Python Qiskit simulator.

Please see the Qiskit documentations for more details.

A range of backend_options can be given in as kwargs that will be passed to the simulator.

For details on the backends, please check out

  • wires (int) – The number of qubits of the device

  • backend (str) – the desired backend

  • shots (int) – number of circuit evaluations/random samples used to estimate expectation values and variances of observables

Keyword Arguments
  • name (str) – The name of the circuit. Default 'circuit'.

  • compile_backend (BaseBackend) – The backend used for compilation. If you wish to simulate a device compliant circuit, you can specify a backend here.

  • analytic (bool) – For statevector backends, determines if the expectation values and variances are to be computed analytically. Default value is False.

__init__(wires, shots=1024, backend='qasm_simulator', **kwargs)[source]

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.